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About The Legendary Heritage Studio Gallery

The Legendary Heritage Studio Gallery opened  to the general public over the Internet early 2004.   Legendary Heritage Heirlooms was inspired by a small group of family members who thought it would be enriching to enhance the documentation of  genealogical research with "artistic portraits"  that would capture the vibrant personalities and stories of  family members past in brilliant colors, textures and hues as only an artist can produce. 

Legendary Heritage Heirlooms  is now dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the diverse families of America.  This is accomplished by acquiring, restoring, and preserving dated historic family photos and converting them into an authentic certifiable decorative art form. 

The newly created original works of art are endowed with historic, genealogical and aesthetic value that can now serve as a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. 

Legendary Heritage Heirlooms primarily works through the venue of family reunion events, private home exhibitions and Internet galleries.  These venues enable the younger generation to discover who they are while engaging in stimulating reminiscences,  touring artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, books, art, archives, and viewing genealogical material of eras gone by.
Legendary Heritage Heirlooms helps art lovers and family history preservationists interpret ancestral history and illuminates the diverse rich heritage in societies basic unit, the family.

Over time the works of Legendary Heritage Heirlooms were made public as it's creations branched off to include beautiful works designed to compliment home decor, thus the Legendary Heritage Studio Gallery you see today.

The Gallery features works of art created by Maryland native born landscape, still life and portrait artist Mark Askew.  Read
Mark Askew's Bio.

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