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Greeting Cards

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Greeting Card Now!  

Recipients Name on Front Card Face And Your personal message printed inside.

Step 1. Select One Greeting Card 
Select the card you wish to personalize From those listed.
Card Categories

Happy Anniversary To You

Baby Shower
It's A Boy!
It's A Girl
It's a Baby Shower!

Bridal Shower
It's A Bridal Shower
To A Lovely Bride To Be

Monthly Observance Greeting Cards
Enter the Monthly Observance Here. You may cut and paste from the observance chart on the right and below.

Family Greeting Cards
Best Mom Ever 
To A Great Dad
To My Son 
To My Daughter
I'm Your Job Well Done - Thanks Dad
I'm Your Job Well Done - Thanks Mom

General greeting 
A Shout Out To You!
Hey There!
What's Happening?
I Love You
Thinking of You
Thank You

Graduation Day
It's Your Graduation Day!

House Warming Party
For Your New Home
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Sweet Home

To An Excellent Man
To An Excellent Woman

Office - Corporate Greeting Cards
Secretaries Day
Professional Secretaries Week
Congratulations On Your Retirement
Congratulations On Your Promotion

Business To Business 

On Your Special Day
Congratulations On Your Special Day
You Are Special

Seasonal Greeting Cards -  Winter
Snow Man greeting
Warm Cottage greeting
Snow Flake greeting
Winter Wonderland greeting

Card Face Samples:



   Step 2.   Personalized Your Greeting Card 

Card Face - Enter The Recipients Name 

Message - Choose the words for the inside of your card - No more than 20 words  including your name

Step 3. Send U.S. Mail
Recipient Mail To Address:

Return Address:

Step 4. 
  Add Gift Card Insert Pocket

  *Add a gift card insert pocket to the 
       *personalized greeting card.
Your Email Address:

 * Your personalized greeting card ships in about 5-7 days US mail. 
    *Your gift card ships in about 7-10 days US mail.
 Add $5.00 for rush greeting card shipping. (about 3-4 days for single orders)


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